San Diego International Airport (SAN)

Address: 3225 N Harbor Dr
Phone: (619) 400-2404
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 437286



    SAN, dedicated in 1928, is also known as Lindbergh Field. San Diego was the city from which Charles Lindbergh began the journey that would become the first solo transatlantic flight.
  • Visit San Diego

    Welcome to San Diego! We hope you enjoy your stay!

    Enjoy the free WiFi
  • Frank Vinculado

    You stay classy san diego!!!
  • Bill Curci

    Seats next to the gate have easy access to power outlets
  • Visit San Diego

    Welcome to San Diego. We are here to help you enjoy your stay!
  • Ray Elkins

    Bet you didn't know this airport was ranked #10 on the list of most dangerous airports to land @...worldwide!
  • Visit San Diego

    The San Diego International Airport has begun its largest building project ever - and it will have Silver LEED status!
  • San Diego's Bowl Games

    Welcome to San Diego, bowl game fans! Get ready for some epic college football games! Remember the words of our unofficial mascot Ron Burgundy: "Stay Classy San Diego"
  • Carolyn Kao

    Free wifi! Awesome!
  • Domonique

    Don't get on oceanic 815
  • The Most Interesting Man in the World

    I was once forced to land here unexpectedly. I had spilled my coffee aboard the pedal powered bi-plane I was piloting. If I was going to make it to Santa Fe by nightfall, I was going to need a refill.
  • Brian Snyder

    Free wifi! Epic win.
  • Andrew Sabat

    Enjoy the free WiFi while you wait to fly.
  • Benedict Corpuz

    If you're flying Southwest, make sure you get in the security line as soon as possible. The line gets super long. Don't moss your flight!
  • Miles Shannon

    get here early
  • aFAview

    Be nice to the staff. :)
  • Q D

    Free WiFi!
  • Teekz Takaishi

    Very quick security process! Had a great time in Sunny San Diego!
  • samir bhavnani

    If you are terminal 2 for a morning flight arrive early. Security line is a disorganized mess. Terminal 1 more orderly. Either way both terminals get backed up and 30 minute security lines are common.
  • NPR

    Welcome to San Diego! If you want to listen to the local NPR station, turn your dial to FM 89.5 (KPBS) or FM 88.3 (KSDS). Enjoy your trip.

    Welcome to San Diego! Looking for a good cocktail after a long flight? Check out the cocktail section on for some local SD cocktail reviews and suggestions.

    San Diego, home to the best Mexican food you'll ever have, America's Finest City & @sdwifey :)
  • Aiden Riley Eller

    Exercise your freedom. Opt out.
  • @DowntownRob Marlbrough

    Hello jetsetter! Welcome to Downtown.
  • Raj M

    Fly Virgin America as much as possible. They Rock!
  • Eli Felicitas

    Yes, free wifi at SAN !
  • justin poselenzny

    bring your own food. this airport is more expensive than even Chicago and New York.
  • Jovell Nieves

    Help the marines they do a lot for your country
  • Austin Gardner-Smith

    If you need to charge your phone, look for one of the seats with blue LED-backlight power hubs. #nerdalert
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